Issue 2021-W25

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This week has been about poisoning machine learning models, transforming formats into SQLite, the Grain language, OpenLineage and Verkle trees.

# sqlitebiter

A tool to tranform CSV, Excel, HTML, JSON and more to SQLite databases.

You can find my selection of SQLite resources in Some SQLite, similar to Awesome lists but using the Tabular Data Package.

# Sleeper Agent: Scalable Hidden Trigger Backdoors for Neural Networks Trained from Scratch (pdf)

A paper on a method to poison machine learning models with a hidden trigger, harder to detect than normal methods tampering with training data.

# Grain

A programming language targeting WebAssemlby. The language syntax shows the influence from Reason/OCaml, the language used for the compiler.

# Towards a unified theory of reactive UI

An article exploring the trade-offs of tree manipulation for building user interfaces.

# Exploring Data Lineage with OpenLineage

An article introducing OpenLineage, an initiative to standardise data lineage for systems such as Spark or Airflow.

# Verkle trees

An article introducing Verkle trees, a more efficient version of Merkle trees for large datasets.