Issue 2021-W26

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This week has been about cybersecurity countermeasures, web colours, an alternative to HTTPie, an easy TeX/LaTeX, and in-process document store and CLAs in open source.

# xh

A CLI tool to make HTTP requests heavily inspired by HTTPie without the burden of Python.

# Tectonic

A self-contained TeX/LaTeX engine with automatic pulling for new LaTeX packages. By far, it's the least painful way to compile LaTeX documents I found.

# Unqlite

An in-process document store with single-file approach a-la SQLite.

# d3fend

A knowledge base of cybersecurity countermeasures. Also worth checking out ATT&CK, a knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.

# CLAs are Not a Sham

An article on Contributor License Agreements (CLA), copyright and their impact on open source.

# Towards richer colors on the Web

An article on the the current colour space limitations in the Web architecture and the plans to change that.