Issue 2021-W29

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This week has been about tech vs data, WebAssembly modules with wasmi, optimising a graph visualisation, Hypothesis annotation management, a distributed search engine and a bit of history on terminals and consoles.

# Analytics is at a crossroads

An article surfacing the frustration created by looking at data analysis as a subfield of technical engineering.

# Speeding Up the Webcola Graph Viz Library with Rust + WebAssembly

An article diving into the journey of optimising a 400+ node graph visualisation using WebAssembly.

# Quickwit

A distributed search engine designed for high reliability built on top of Tantivy.

# Hosting wasm modules in Rust easily using ‘wasmi’

A short tutorial on how to get started with WebAssembly modules in rust using wasmi, a WebAssembly interpreter.

# Gooseberry

A tool to manage Hypothesis annotations from the command line.

# The terminal, the console and the shell - what are they?

An article on the history of day-to-day computer related terms such as terminal or console.