Issue 2021-W31

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This week has been about executable PNGs, burnout, a graph configuration language, D3 tutorials, HTTP/2 security and the tyranny spreadsheets.

# How to Measure Burnout Accurately and Ethically

An article on what is the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), how it has been used (and misused).

# HTTP/2: The Sequel is Always Worse

A paper on the security flaws of HTTP/2 with comprehensive examples of how each attack works.

# Virgo: a Graph-based Configuration Language

An article introducing Virgo, a configuration language aiming to express direct acyclic graphs (DAGs) instead of trees (e.g. JSON, YAML).

# The tyranny of spreadsheets

An article on the sloppy usage of spreadsheets with a bit of quiz history of its origins. A reminder that easy to use does not equate to properly used.

[...] a tool like a Swiss Army knife for numbers, sitting in your digital back pocket. Any idiot could use it. And goodness, we did.

# 100 Days D3 Dataviz

A collection of tutorials to get the grips with D3 for data visualisation.

# Executable PNGs

An article exploring stenography as a way to make PNGs executable programs just for fun.