Issue 2021-W32

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This week has been about bloom filters, procedural fish drawings, data visualisation in Python, casual inference, and a bit on browser wars.

# Breaking the web forward

An article arguing that Chrome is the new IE in terms of monopolistic behaviour.

# fishdraw

A tool to generate fish drawings. It exports results as SVG, JSON and includes an option to export the drawing animation.

# The Effect

A book on causal inference with observational data. Goes from the design of research to the statistical tools to use to execute it.

# Hydra ecosystem

A collection of resources to work with Hydra, a documentation framework build on top of Linked Data principles for creating hypermedia REST APIs.

# HoloViz

A toolset for browser-based data visualisation in Python. Although it provides a fairly large set of functionality it has a good low-friction starting point and a decent set of tutorials.

# Bloom filters - Much, much more than a space efficient hashmap!

An article introducing the concept of a “bloom filter” and some obvious and not-so obvious applications.