Issue 2021-W33

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This week has been about the history of the pixel, base64, inferential statistical modelling, a vim-like browser, the shortcomings of CSV and the beauty of Bézier curves.

# It's Time to Retire the CSV

An article ranting about the shortcomings of CSV. Although I don't believe the proposed way forward is remotely feasible, I share the frustration.

And I deeply disagree with the “CSV is simple and readable by humans”. Some CSV can be simple, some can be readable but editing a wide CSV with lots of variations in their values (e.g. empty fields, double quotes, empty double quotes) makes it a nightmare to scan without the aid of a tool. Fail to add the right amount of commas and the CSV will be broken.

# Vieb

A web browser built on top of Electron offering a modal interface a-la Vim.

# Implementing Base64 from scratch in Rust

An article exploring the base64 algorithm in detail.

# Handbook of Regression Modeling in People Analytics

A book on practical inferential statistical modelling with exercises and examples in R.

# The beauty of Bézier curves (video)

A video unpacking Bézier curves and their properties and uses.

# Pixel: a biography

An article on the history of the pixel. Fourier, Kotelnikov, the pixel squaring and more.