Issue 2021-W35

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This week has been about Firefox containers, a DSL for binary structures, a PIC implementation, API security issues, Podman containers, and a toolkit to develop graphical interfaces.

# Kaitai Struct

A compiler and domain specific language to describe binary data structures and generate parsers on different target languages.

# Pikchr

A library to parse and render PIC-like markup. It's particularly designed for technical diagrams embedded in Markdown.

# Sixty FPS

A toolkit to develop graphical interfaces for embedded devices and desktop applications. It supports Rust, C++ and JavaScript runtimes but offers a common DSL to describe the interface.

# Podman

A tool for managing OCI containers and pods with and without root privileges.

With the recent news of Docker Desktop moving to a different licensing model, I'm expecting to see more things like Podman for MacOS.

# Firefox Multi-Account Containers

A Firefox add-on to keep websites in different isolated boxes. It let's you assign particular websites to dedicated containers which in combination with something like the Cookie Quick Manager will help keep lurkers like Google a bit more in check.

# How to Hack APIs in 2021

An article on common issues and mitigations on API security.