Issue 2021-W36

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This week has been about a tool to query a codebase, a strongly-typed document database, a tool to query HTML, Matrix privacy considerations, a paper classifying different types of biases and security concerns in GraphQL.

# RefineDB

A strongly-typed document database that runs on any transactional key-value store.

# Understanding Potential Sources of Harm throughout the Machine Learning Life Cycle

A paper classifying sources of bias in predictive models and their potential effects on the results of the predictions.

# Matrix? No, thanks.

An article providing a few things to consider when assessing whether Matrix protects their users' privacy or not.

# tree-grepper

An article showcasinng tree-grepper, a tool to query a codebase using its AST instead of plain text.

# htmlq

A tool to query HTML using CSS expressions inspired by jq.

# The complete GraphQL Security Guide: Fixing the 13 most common GraphQL Vulnerabilities to make your API production ready

An article diving into a set of security concerns to consider when implementing a GraphQL API.