Issue 2021-W37

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This week has been about software licensing, macaroons, a file encryption tool, CUBE CSS, anger management and the levels of reading.

# Age

A tool written in Go for encrypting files to multiple recipients and passphrases.

Rage is an alternative implementation in Rust.


An article introducing the CUBE CSS methodology aiming to keep CSS maintainability in check.

# Macaroons 101: Contextual Confinement

An article on how macaroons, the bearer credentials, work.

# How to be angry

An article on what is anger, what to do to understand it and how to use it in a useful way.

# The 4 Reading Levels: Different Ways To Read Different Books

An article describing the four reading levels as defined by “How To Read A Book” (1940).

# The Commons Clause

A license condition that applies a narrow, minimal-form commercial restriction on top of an existing open source license. The combined text replaces the existing license, allowing all permissions of the original license to remain except the ability to "Sell" the software as defined in the text.