Issue 2021-W39

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This week has been about how to get a flat map of the Earth, Web3.Storage, a tool to view formatted CSV, an embedded graph database, an online SQLite playground and the impact of CSS on accessibility.

# The effect of CSS on screen readers

An article exploring how certain CSS properties change behaviour on screen readers and the potential implications in terms of accessibility.

# CQLite

An embedded graph database implemented in Rust.

# SQLime

An online SQLite playground for debugging and sharing SQL snippets. Kinda like JSFiddle or CodePen, but for SQL instead of JavaScript.

# Tidy Viewer (tv)

A tool to view formatted CSV in the terminal.

# The impossible map (video)

A stop-motion video from 1947 showing different ways of getting a flat view of the world.

# Introducing Web3.Storage: A simple interface for Filecoin storage

An article explaining the Protocol Labs's Web3.Storage architecture.