Issue 2021-W40

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This week has been about RDF storage trade-offs, JupyerLab desktop application, API mocking, threat mitigation from Web APIs, the effect of words in a conversation and the line of death in browsers.

# The Line of Death

An article on the dangers of blurring the differences between the web browser UI and the web in display.

# JupyterLab App

A desktop application for JupyterLab based on Electron.

# Argue better by signalling your receptiveness with these words

An article on the study of how words can affect the outcome of a conversation.

# JShelter

A browser extension to manage what Web APIs are available to websites to mitigate potential JavaScript threats.

# Prism

A set of packages for API mocking and contract testing with OpenAPI v2 (formerly known as Swagger) and OpenAPI v3.x.

# A Survey of RDF Stores & SPARQL Engines for Querying Knowledge Graphs

A paper analysing storage trade-offs in RDF stores and SPARQL engines.