Issue 2021-W41

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This week has been about calculus, plugin systems, the trade-offs of Conda, an investigation on Amazon, animated data stories and a browser extension for ePUB.

# Plugins in Rust

A series of articles exploring different ways to architect a plugin system in Rust and their trade-offs.

It has a very promising range of options being considered, from FII to WebAssembly (WASI).

# EPUBReader

A browser extension for Firefox and Chrome to open EPub documents from disk or from a URL.

# Pip vs Conda: an in-depth comparison of Python’s two packaging systems

An article explaining the trade-offs to consider when choosing Conda as a Python package manager.

# Calculus Made Easy

A book on calculus published in 1910 by Silvanus P. Thompson, considered a classic introduction to the subject.

# How We Analyzed Amazon’s Treatment of Its “Brands” in Search Results

An article explaining the methodology for investigating whether Amazon favours its own products over competitors regardless of factors like rating or reviews.

# Vizzu

A JavaScript library for animated data stories and visualisations.