Issue 2021-W43

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This week has been about k-anonymity, computer networks, probabilistic logic programming, an analytical platform, an experimental query language and some thoughts on the forgetting curve.

# Validating Leaked Passwords with k-Anonymity

An article explaining the thinking behind using k-anonymity and range search queries to reduce the amount of information required for a service such as Have I Been Pwned.

# Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

A book on the rudiments of computer networks.

# ProbLog

A tool that allows you to build programs that encode uncertainties that are present in each situation.

# Malloy

An experimental language for describing data relationships and transformations. It attempts to provide higher expressivity than SQL whilst being able to compile down to SQL.

# Cube.js

An analytical API platform for building internal business intelligence tools. It has been designed to work with serverless data warehouses and query engines like Google BigQuery and AWS Athena.

# The forgetting curve: the science of how fast we forget

An article looking into the forgetting curve and how to reduce the rate of forgetting.