Issue 2021-W44

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This week has been about managing data science projects, DuckDB in WebAssembly, the Helix editor, the security of Unicode in programming languages, 3D models and the inners of a terminal emulator.

# DuckDB-Wasm: Efficient Analytical SQL in the Browser

An article introducing the WebAssembly version of DuckDB, an in-process analytical database.

# Set Pose

A tool to set a 3D model reference for drawing human poses.

# ‘Trojan Source’ Bug Threatens the Security of All Code

An article explaining the research done by Cambridge University on a set of attacks against Unicode that affect all programming languages.

# Anatomy of a Terminal Emulator

An article introducing how a terminal emulator currently works and how it interacts with the shell through the pty.

# Metaflow

A Python library for manageing data science projects.

# Helix

A text editor with a modal Vi-like experience written in Rust.