Issue 2021-W45

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This week has been about interoperability between JSON parsers, an introduction to Unicode, a Python library for graph manipulation, the TypeScript type checker, options for writing Python extensions and patterns that lead to learned helplessness.

# What every JavaScript developer should know about Unicode

An article introducing the basic concepts behind Unicode.

# Reconstructing TypeScript, part 0: intro and background

An article part of a series explaining how the TypeScript type checker works at its core by building a similar simpler language.

# Cython, Rust, and more: choosing a language for Python extensions

An article going through the possible options for writing Python extensions.

# An Exploration of JSON Interoperability Vulnerabilities

An article exploring how differences in implementation in JSON parsers need to be considered in security threat modelling. The article Parsing JSON is a Minefield linked at the very end is also worthwhile.

# retworkx

A Python library written in Rust for general purpose graph manipulation.

# Why the status quo is so hard to change in engineering teams

An article on the patterns that can lead to learned helplessness and the effects of prolonged exposure to them.