Issue 2021-W48

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This week has been about parametric curves and surfaces, a tool to manage Cloudflare workers with Deno, a replication extension for SQLite, a Markdown editor, an article on merge queues and a lightweight alternative to React.

# Denoflare

A tool to manage and deploy CloudFlare Workers using Deno.

# SolidJS

A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Solid follows the same philosophy as React with unidirectional data flow, read/write segregation, and immutable interfaces. It however has a completely different implementation that forgoes using a Virtual DOM.

# Merge Queues with Bors

An article exploring the tradeoffs to consider when using “merge queues” in a version-controlled workflow.

# Verneuil: S3-backed asynchronous replication for SQLite

An article announcing a SQLite extension to replicate databases to S3.

# Curves and Surfaces

A tutorial on how parametric curves and surfaces work with a gentle introduction of terminology along the way.

# Marktext

A simple open-source markdown editor focused on speed and usability.