Issue 2021-W49

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This week has been about a lightweight search engine, a dive into containers, DNS propagation, a tool to visualise tidyverse, a reverse dictionary and pocket mass surveillance.

# DNS “propagation” is actually caches expiring

An article explaining how DNS records get updated and the potential reasons for why it might take longer than expected.

# Tidy Data Tutor

A tool to visualise how data changes when transformed using Tidyverse.

Pandas Tutor is the equivalent in Python and Pandas.

# Wantwords

A reverse dictionary to search words using partial definitions.

# Zinc

A lightweight search engine written in Go compatible with Elasticsearch.

Zinc is a search engine that does full text indexing. It is a lightweight alternative to Elasticsearch and runs in less than 100 MB of RAM.

# Bugs in our pockets?

An article introducing a paper analysing the options for mass surveillance using pocket devices.

# Learning Containers From The Bottom Up

An article diving into the ins and outs of containers, images and orchestrators. It also provides a comprehensive list of links to other articles to get deeper into each topic.