Issue 2022-W02

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This week has been about a knowledge graph querying library, a retro game engine, a text-based requirements management tool, defensive CSS, a minimalist graphical editor and a take on web3.

# Minimator

A minimalist graphical editor. All drawings are made of lines in a grid based canvas. The lines are limited to vertical and horizontal lines, and quarter circles.

# My first impressions of web3

An article assessing what web3 means and how its so claimed distributed principle might not be so distributed after all.

Given the history of why web1 became web2, what seems strange to me about web3 is that technologies like ethereum have been built with many of the same implicit trappings as web1. To make these technologies usable, the space is consolidating around… platforms. Again. People who will run servers for you, and iterate on the new functionality that emerges. Infura, OpenSea, Coinbase, Etherscan.

# Defensive CSS

An article with a set of CSS patterns to prevent well-known issues.

# StrictDoc

A text-based (strict-doc) requirements management tool written in Python designed to co-locate requirements with implementation.

It is a fork from Doorstop which you might be interested in if you don't have enough YAML in your life.

# Comunica

A knowledge graph querying library and command-line interface in TypeScript using SPARQL.

# Pyxel

A retro game engine for Python. Inspired by PICO-8 and TIC-80.