Issue 2022-W03

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This week has been about GraphQL with JSON-LD, a new data serialisation framework, time coordination between Earth and Mars, analysing hand writing, dual licences in open source and a three-dimensional geometry processing.

# GraphQL-LD

A library bringing together GraphQL, JSON-LD and SPARQL.

# Typical: data interchange with algebraic data types

A data serialization framework where given a schema, Typical generates efficient serialization and deserialization code for various programming languages.

The main difference with other tools like Protocol Buffers and Apache Thrift is that Typical has a more modern type system based on algebraic data types, emphasizing a safer programming style with non-nullable types and exhaustive pattern matching."

# Discrete Differential Geometry: An Applied Introduction

A course on three-dimensional geometry processing from complementary computational and mathematical points of view.

# MIT for Noncommercial is Broken

An article arguing that MIT does not work for dual-licensing (commercial, non-commercial).

# Back to the Future of Hand Writing Recognition

An essay analysing the main features for building a handwriting recognition device following the GRAIL design from the 1960s.

# A meander through Martian minutes and the meaning of local time

An article reflecting on the impact of having to coordinate Earth and Mars times given that Mars has days approximately 39.5 minutes longer than Earth.