Issue 2022-W04

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This week has been about the gif format, desktop applications with Tauri, a pipeline-based query language, a WHATWG-compliant HTML5 tokeniser, a collection of SVG icons and the rules of changing the rules in blockchain.


A pipeline-based query language more expressive than SQL and still declarative. Unlike SQL, it forms a logical pipeline of transformations, and supports abstractions such as variables and functions. It can be used with any database that uses SQL, since it transpiles to SQL.

# The rules to make the rules

An article reflecting on the politics involved in a blockchain ecosystem.

# You Don't Know Gif - An analysis of a gif file and some weird gif features

An article diving into the history of the gif file format and what it has to offer.

# Iconoir

An open source collection of SVG icons.

# html5gum

A WHATWG-compliant HTML5 tokenizer and tag soup parser.

# Create a desktop app in Rust using Tauri and Yew

A tutorial on building a desktop application using Tauri.