Issue 2022-W06

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This week has been about a service for arXiv content in HTML5, WebAssembly in Kubernetes, SQL fundamentals, challenges with highly distributed data, W3C WebTransport and information theory applied to Wordle.

# W3C WebTransport Working Group Updates - October 2021 (video)

A presentation on the new W3C WebTransport API and how it compares to existing ones like W3C WebRTC.

# SQLBolt

An interactive tutorial on the fundamentals of SQL.

# Solving Wordle using information theory (video)

A video working through solving Wordle whilst introducing some rudiments of information theory.

# Querying a Decentralized Web

An article reflecting on the challenges ahead for working with highly distributed data.

# Krustlet

A tool to run WebAssembly workloads natively on Kubernetes.

The tutorial Containerless! How to Run WebAssembly Workloads on Kubernetes with Rust gives an alternative starting point if the official documentation is not enough.

# ar5iv

A web service offering HTML5 articles from It's still quite flakey but promises a future with less PDF burden.