Issue 2022-W07

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This week has been about a React-like library in Rust, WebSockets vs Server-Sent Events, a language inspired by AWK, a language to compile down to regular expressions, the Alpha-Omega project and GraphQL authorisation patterns.

# Server-Sent Events: the alternative to WebSockets you should be using

An article looking into the limitations of WebSockets and considering Server-Sent Events as an alternative for asymmetric data flows.

# Alpha-Omega Project

A project from The Linux Foundation aiming to help critical open source projects identify and fix security vulnerabilities.

# Fawk

A small programming language inspired by AWK that can handle structured data such as CSV.

# Authorization Patterns in GraphQL

An article exploring how to approach authorisation in GraphQL APIs.

# Melody

A language designed to compile to regular expressions aiming to be more readable and maintainable.

# Dioxus

A React-like library for building fast and portable user interfaces with Rust. Runs on the web, desktop and mobile.