Issue 2022-W09

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This week has been about a WebAssembly-based fantasy console, data-centric applications, switching to Neovim and Lua, the data-mesh architecture, the relational model for building UIs and a series of exercises to learn Rust.

# Neovim and Rust

An article on configuring Neovim for working with Rust with an IDE-like experience. It uses Vimscript but it's fairly easy to port to Lua. The Neovim Lua guide is a handy companion in this case.

# Building data-centric apps with a reactive relational database

An essay on building data-centric applications as queries taking inspiration from the local-first architecture.

# A UI library for a relational language

An article exploring ways to reduce the impedance of transforming from a relational model to a tree-based model typically found in user interfaces.

# MicroW8

A fantasy console for running tiny games in WebAssembly inspired by TIC-80, WASM-4 and PICO-8.

# Shaking off the Rust

A series of exercises to learn Rust.

# Data Mesh Architecture

A reference on the Data Mesh architecture from an engineering perspective.