Issue 2022-W10

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This week has been about a diff tool for API specifications, a Lua code formatter, playing with undocumented APIs, a tool to visualise SHA256, how TLS works and a tool to inspect IEEE 754 floating point numbers.

# SHA256 Algorithm

A tool to visualise how the SHA256 algorithm works.

# IEEE-754 Floating Point Converter

A tool to convert between the decimal representation of numbers and the binary format used by modern CPUs (IEEE 754 floating point).

# The Illustrated TLS Connection

A website explaining the mechanics of TLS.

# StyLua

A code formatter for Lua written in Rust.

# How to use undocumented web APIs

An article on how to discover and play around undocumented APIs.

# API Diff

A tool to see the differences between two API specifications. Supported formats include OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, GraphQL, and GRPC.