Issue 2022-W11

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This week has been about Deno, a Rust code size profiler, a code editor written in Rust, an essay on digital economy, the C ABI and guidelines on threat modelling.

# The threat modeling manifesto

A set of high-level guidelines for applying the threat modelling methodology.

# cargo-bloat

A tool to analyse what parts of a Rust executable take most of the space. Also worth having a look at Twiggy for a similar tool targeting WebAssembly.

# Lapce

A code editor written in Rust with an optional modal user interface (a-la Vim), tree-sitter syntax highlighting and a WASI-based plugin system.

# What if the most important idea in economics no longer works?

An essay on whether the Adam Smith's idea of how economy works can be applied in a digital world where the consumer is harmed by the product.

# Deno by example

A collection of examples for how to use Deno.

# To Save C, We Must Save ABI

An article on the C Application Binary Interface, its assumptions and quirks.