Issue 2022-W12

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This week has been about robust Bash scripts, a meta configuration language, quirks of React.js hooks, a language to create music, a rules engine in Clojure and a tool to learn about passwords.

# Melrōse, a language to program and play music

A language and a tool to create and listen to music interactively. The language uses musical primitives (note, sequence, chord) and many functions (map, group, transpose) that can be used to create more complex patterns, loops and tracks.

# PasswordMonster

A tool to learn about password best practices and common mistakes.

# Hooks Considered Harmful

An article diving into the quirks of React.js hooks.

# Jsonnet

A meta configuration language shaped as a JSON superset (adding variables, conditionals, functions, and more) targeting the generation of configuration formats like INI, JSON, YAML or shellscript.

# Use Bash Strict Mode (Unless You Love Debugging)

A set of guidelines for writing more robust Bash scripts.

# Clara

A forward-chaining rules engine implemented in Clojure. It supports truth maintenance, session druability and reasoning over collections of facts.