Issue 2022-W14

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This week has been about Flow typing, CRDTs, Dagger and CUE, Monte Carlo forecasting, Clojure and using the relational model in UNIX-like pipes.

# Dagger

A toolkit for managing CI/CD pipelines with the ability to debug locally.

I found particularly interesting the fact that instead of dreadful piles of YAML it uses CUE.

# Learn Clojure with Shapes

An interactive tutorial to learn the basics of Clojure.

# Relational pipes

An article exploring the idea of using the relational model for passing data through UNIX-like pipes.

# Conflict-free Replicated Data Types

A collection of resources on Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs).

# Why Don't More Languages Offer Flow Typing?

An article introducing the concept of Flow Typing and how it compares to alternatives such as Algebraic Data Types (ADTs).

# Introduction to Monte Carlo Forecasting

An article on using the Monte Carlo method to help estimate the effort of a task.