Issue 2022-W16

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This week has been about a TPC tunnel tool, a painting tool, OpenAI, HTML images, SQL query analysis and the Chromium architecture.

# On NYT Magazine on AI: Resist the Urge to be Impressed

An article going through a NYT piece on OpenAI, and effectively ripping it apart, sometimes with obvious exasperation:

GPT-3 can’t “compose nonfiction”. Nonfiction by definition is factual writing about the world. But GPT-3 has no access to facts, only to strings in its training data.

The article serves as a good piece to help balance out all the hype around Artificial Intelligence.

# Open Source SQL Parsers

An article on using SQL queries as a source for observability or insight for future system optimisations.

# Life of a Pixel (video)

A talk on the Chromium architecture, going from plain content (HTML, CSS, JS, images, etc), to rendering, layout computing, rastering and finally displaying pixels on the screen.

# Kirta

An open source painting tool for concept art, textures, illustrations and comics.

# Bore

A simple TCP tunnel in Rust that exposes local ports to a remote server, bypassing standard NAT connection firewalls.

# Picture perfect images with the modern <img> element

An guide on how to make the most from images in HTML.