Issue 2022-W17

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This week has been about code interviews, an embedded key-value store, TypeScript state machines, TypeScript spreadsheets, WebAssembly and a command-line tool for search and analytics.

# How to Freaking Find Great Developers By Having Them Read Code

An article reflecting on code interviews and the benefits of reading code instead of writing it.

# Zq

A command-line tool that uses the Zed language for pipeline-style search and analytics. zq can query a variety of data formats in files, over HTTP, or in S3 storage.

Introducing Zq is explains why Zq exists and how it compares to jq.

# redb

A portable, high-performance, ACID, embedded key-value store written in Rust loosely inspired by lmdb.

# Zag

A TypeScript library for writing state machines to manage UI state. It offers integration with React, Vue and Solid out of the box.

# FortuneSheet

A TypeScript library implementing spreadsheet functionality equivalent to Google Sheets or MicroSoft Excel.

# Pay attention to WebAssembly

An article making the case for WebAssembly as the technology to focus on.