Issue 2022-W19

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This week has been about Cloudflare's edge database, SQLite as a persistence layer, a UI agnostic drag and drop library, a vector similarity search engine, a markdown-based toolchain and an interactive in-browser notebook.

# DFlex

A Drag-and-Drop library for JavaScript frameworks implementing an enhanced transformation mechanism to manipulate DOM elements.

# Percival

An interactive in-browser notebook for declarative data analysis and visualization. It combines compiled Datalog queries with plotting libraries for the web.

Percival: a reactive language for exploratory data analysis and visualization is a 10 minute talk explaining the basics of the tool.

# Markdoc

A Markdown-based syntax and toolchain for creating custom documentation sites.

# Qdrant

A vector similarity search engine. It provides a production-ready service with an API to store, search, and manage points - vectors with an additional payload.. It makes it useful for all sorts of neural-network or semantic-based matching, faceted search, and other applications.

# Announcing D1: our first SQL database

An article on the new relational database based on SQLite to complement their edge functions offering.

# I'm All-In on Server-Side SQLite

An article on the value of using SQLite as the main persistence layer.

I think that for many applications – production applications, with large numbers of users and high availability requirements – SQLite has a better place, in the center of the stack, as the core of your data and persistence layer.