Issue 2022-W20

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This week has been about the Codenames boardgame, an ISO8601 comparison, the colour violet, SQLite extensions in Rust, Youtube's database and a book on Open Source.

# RFC 3339 vs ISO 8601

A comparison between the date/time standard ISO 8601 and its most popular profile RFC 3339. It also allows comparing against HTML.

# Codenames online

An online version of the Codenames boardgame.

# Uncurled

A book on the lessons learned whilst running and maintaining Open Source projects by the author of curl.

# YouTube's Database “Procella”

An article looking into Google's paper “Procella: Unifying serving and analytical data at YouTube”.

# Extending SQLite with Rust

A tutorial on how to write a SQLite extension in Rust.

# Why it took us thousands of years to see the colour violet

An article on the research done finding the colour violet in art.