Issue 2022-W23

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This week has been about a tag-based file system, the Starlark configuration language, a React.js hook-based state-management solution, a talk on the Block Protocol, a service for placeholder images and a paper on exploiting techniques using images.

# Supertag

A tag-based file system, written in Rust, that provides a unique view of your files by removing the hierarchy constraints typically imposed on files and folders.

# Lorem Picsum

A service to quickly use placeholder images.

# zustand

A barebones state-management solution for React.js using simplified flux principles and hooks.

# Stegosploit

A paper discussing two techniques used for image based exploit delivery: Steganography and Polyglots.

# Starlark

A reference implementation for Starlark, a configuration language. It is a dialect of Python, dynamically typed with first-class functions and garbage collection.

# The Block-Paved Path to Structured Data (video)

A talk on the reasons and ambitions of the Block Protocol.