Issue 2022-W25

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This week has been about SVG filters, an embeddable scripting engine, better Neovim folds, Markdown-like timeline diagrams, race conditions in React.js and the Open Metaverse initiative.

# The Metaverse Standards Forum

An initiative to coordinate efforts towards interoperability for the Open Metaverse.

# Microvium

A compact, embeddable scripting engine for applications and microcontrollers for executing programs written in a subset of the JavaScript language.

# Markwhen

A tool to visualise a markdown-inspired text description as an interactive cascading timeline (a-la Gantt chart).

# nvim-ufo

A plugin for Neovim to make folds look modern and and high performance.

# A complete guide to using CSS filters with SVGs

An article walking through all SVG filters available in SVG.

# Fixing Race Conditions in React with useEffect

An article showing two ways of preventing race conditions whilst using asynchronous data fetching.