Issue 2022-W28

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This week has been about a no-code spreadsheet-y database, a distributed time series database, a tool to transform JSON to tabular relational formats, a tool to overlay a local environment with a cloud one, a service for browser devtool features and a DNS server with creative liberties.

# Baserow

An no-code database service alternative to Airtable with a strong resemblance with a spreadsheet.

# Can I DevTools?

A service similar to Can I use for comparing web browser devtool features.

# mirrord

An open-source tool that lets developers run local processes in the context of their cloud environment. It’s meant to provide the benefits of running your service on a cloud environment (e.g. staging) without actually going through the hassle of deploying it there, and without disrupting the environment by deploying untested code.

# DNS Toys

A DNS server that takes creative liberties with the DNS protocol to offer handy utilities and services that are easily accessible via the command line.

# CnosDB

A distributed time series database aiming for high performance, compression rate and availability.

# Flatterer

A tool to transform deeply nested JSON structures to tabular relational formats (CSV, Parquet, SQLite, XLSX). The Flatterer announcement gives a nice introduction to the tool and its ambitions.