Issue 2022-W30

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This week has been about JSON-LD framing, Adaptive Radix Trees in DuckDB, SQLite storage, stacked-diff workflows with GitHub, safe SVGs and Livebook Desktop.

# Livebook Desktop

A desktop shell application for running Livebook notebooks.

# SQLite Internals: Pages & B-trees

An article diving into how SQLite stores data on disk.

# Persistent Storage of Adaptive Radix Trees in DuckDB

An article introducing Adaptive Radix Trees (ART) and how DuckDB uses them as persisted indexes to enforce constraints and to speed up query filters.

# svg-hush

A tool to make arbitrary SVG files as benign and safe to serve as images in other common Web file formats.

# spr

A command line tool for using a stacked-diff workflow with GitHub.

# Clean JSON(-LD) from RDF using Framing

An article introducing JSON-LD framing to automate the production of RDF-free JSON whilst keeping JSON-LD compatibility.