Issue 2022-W31

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This week has been about logic inside databases, a unified interface for querying different databases and file formats, mailing list style PR code reviews, intercepting risky shell commands, a SQLite extension to reduce database size and WebAssembly in Confidential Computing.

# Pull request review

A tool that brings mailing list style code reviews to Github PRs. This means offline reviews and inline comments.

# OctoSQL

A command-line interface tool for querying different databases and file formats using SQL through a unified interface.

# Code in database vs. code in application

An article reflecting on the arguments for and against using stored procedures for business logic.

# sqlite-zstd

An article introducing a SQLite extension written in Rust to reduce the database size maintaining the ability to query using SQL.

# shellfirm

A tool that intercepts risky shell commands predefined by the user and prompts a small challenge to help prevent disasters you can't come back from.

# Confidential Computing with WebAssembly

An article on the use of WebAssembly for cryptographically-proven units of computation.

WebAssembly allows you to say, I’ve created a single application, and I can prove that that is exactly the application that’s running on all of these instances. Cryptographic proof. And that’s the big win.

You might also enjoy the talk by on of the persons behind Enarx.