Issue 2022-W32

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This week has been about a SQLite extension for querying HTML, a SQLite extension for reading line-based files, a Neovim plugin for Treesitter navigation, Trusted Execution Environments based on WebAssembly, a Markdown viewer and an article on Meta privacy attacks.

# sqlite-lines

A SQLite extension for reading large files line-by-line (NDJSON, logs, txt, etc.)

# sqlite-html

A SQLite extension for querying, manipulating, and creating HTML elements.

# Enarx

A command-line tool for running applications inside Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) based on WebAssembly.

# Inlyne

A viewer for Markdown and HTML, GPU powered and browserless (no Electron, Tauri, etc).

# tree-climber.nvim

A Neovim plugin for easy navigation around the syntax-tree produced by Treesitter that also works in comments and multi-language files.

# iOS Privacy: Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser

An article on the privacy attacks Meta uses in their iOS applications.