Issue 2022-W33

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This week has been about a Notion alternative, the strengths of SQLite, Redis in depth, a Python-compatible programming language, metrics for managing software development and a platform for building applications out of WebAssembly code containers.

# Erg

A statically typed language that is Python-compatible written in Rust.

# Redis Explained

A deep technical dive into all things Redis. Covering various Redis topologies, data persistence and process forking.

# Affine

A knowledge base application for planing, sorting and creating. An open-source mixed alternative to Notion and Miro.

There is a sidecar project that bundles Affine as a desktop application using Tauri.

# SQLite is not a toy database

An article highlighting the strengths of SQLite. It also mentions some extensions worth keeping around.

# Wasmflow

A platform for building applications out of WebAssembly code containers. It orchestrates code and manages communication between dependencies. That code can exist as WebAssembly modules, external microservices, workers over a queue, or anything else that speaks the Wasmflow protocol.

Wasmflow takes functional and flow-based concepts from projects like Erlang, Rx, FBP, and Haskell and combines them with concepts from Docker and Kubernetes.

# KPIs, Velocity, and Other Destructive Metrics

An article reflecting on metrics for managing software development.