Issue 2022-W34

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This week has been about the SQLite WAL format, a tool to search inside PDFs, graph visualisation with WebGL, an end-to-end database, best practices for webhooks and a Postgres playground.

# Reagraph

A high-performance network graph visualization built in WebGL for React.

# ripgrep-all

A line-oriented search tool that allows you to use regex-based search in pdf, docx, sqlite, jpg, movie subtitles (mkv, mp4) and more.


A collection of webhook providers and best practices for providing and consuming webhooks.

# SurrealDB

An end-to-end cloud native database. It aims to reduce the development time of web applications by removing the need for most server-side components.

It supports SQL querying from client devices, GraphQL, ACID transactions, WebSocket connections, structured and unstructured data, graph querying, full-text indexing, geospatial querying, and row-by-row permissions-based access.

# How SQLite Scales Read Concurrency

An article diving into the SQLite write-ahead log (WAL) format.

# Postgres Playground

A collection of Postgres tutorials with a full in-browser Postgres.