Issue 2022-W35

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This week has been about an experimental embedded JavaScript interpreter, a Python linter, a versioned filesystem for SQLite, imperative vs declarative, async Rust in Tauri and the pros and cons of no-code.

# MojoFS

A versioned filesystem for SQLite based on snapshots where old versions are immutable.

# ruff

A Python linter written in Rust.

# Boa

An experimental JavaScript lexer, parser and interpreter written in Rust designed to be embeddable.

# Tauri + Async Rust Process

A tutorial on how to integrate an async Rust process into a Tauri application.

# Why does nobody seem to know what imperative and declarative actually mean?

An article trying to clarify imperative versus declarative in the context of infrastructure as code.

# The next era of no-code

An article analysing the pros and cons of the no-code and low-code approach.