Issue 2022-W36

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This week has been about GitHistory, CSS performance in the shadow DOM, a static search library, the design of A4, the risks of WebAssembly and time based passwords.

# How do One-Time passwords work?

An article explaining the ins and outs of time based passwords.

# Pagefind

A fully static search library that aims to perform well on large sites.

# The Risks of WebAssembly

An article with a critical view on the current state of WebAssembly and what to do about it.

# Why A4? – The Mathematical Beauty of Paper Size

An article on the design of the A4 paper format (ISO 216).

# Git History

A service to navigate through changes on a file hosted in GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket.

# Style scoping versus shadow DOM: which is fastest?

An article looking (further) into the performance of CSS scoped via shadow DOM.