Issue 2022-W37

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This week has been about a terminal email client, a document language, a distributed SQLite replicator, a graphics editor, QR codes and new functions in Google Sheets.

# New Functions In Google Sheets For 2022

An article on the new programming capabilities introduced to Google Sheets in the form of named Functions and lambdas among others.

# The KDL Document Language

A document language with xml-like semantics meant to be used both as a serialization format and a configuration language, much like JSON, YAML, or XML.

# Meli

A terminal email client with support for multiple accounts and Maildir, mbox, IMAP, etc.

You might also want to check Himalaya.

# Graphite

A raster and vector 2D graphics editor powered by a node graph compositing engine providing a non-destructive editing experience.

# QR codes

An article explaining how QR codes work.

A couple of years ago I shared QArt Codes that nicely complements the topic.

# Marmot

A distributed SQLite replicator built on the Multi-Raft fault-tolerant consensus protocol.