Issue 2022-W39

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This week has been about a tool for rapid note management, a tool for shell history management, a streaming database for real-time applications, a hierarchical note taking application, trigonometry using turns instead of radians and a paper comparing state machine patterns.

# Turns are Better than Radians

An article looking into the common implementation of trigonometric functions in game engines and proposing an alternative using turns instead of radians.

# The Anthology of the Finite State Machine Design Patterns (pdf)

A paper comparing different finite state machine designs with focus on flexibility and associated costs.

You might also like the list of facts about state machines.

# Atuin

A tool to manage the shell history using a SQLite database. It records additional context for your commands.

# RisingWave

A streaming database designed to reduce the complexity and cost of building real-time applications. It is able to ingest data from sources like Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Amazon Kinesis, Redpanda, and materialized CDC sources.

# Trilium Notes

A hierarchical note taking application with focus on building large personal knowledge bases.

# Jot

A feature-stripped version of Obsidian focused on rapid note management through the terminal.