Issue 2022-W40

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This week has been about brute-force access to ZIP files, distributed SQLite solutions, Git garbage collection and neovim UI for messages.

# Scaling Git’s garbage collection

An article on the mechanics of Git's garbage collection and the idea of cruft packs to improve it.

# libsql

An open source, open contribution fork of SQLite aiming to evolve it to suit use cases beyond what SQLite was originally designed for.

SQLite: QEMU all over again? gives a bit more context on the whys for this initiative.

# ChiselStore

An embeddable, distributed SQLite for Rust, powered by Little Raft.

# dqlite

A fast, embedded, persistent SQL database with Raft consensus that is perfect for fault-tolerant IoT and Edge devices.

# Noice

A highly experimental plugin that completely replaces the UI for messages, cmdline and the popupmenu.

# Brute forcing protected ZIP archives in Rust

An article walking through the architecture of a command line interface to access the contents of a password protected ZIP archive.