Issue 2022-W42

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This week has been about risks of managing time in UTC, a library enhancing HTML, a Rust library for GUIs, a trust-based networks game, a catalogue of data visualisations and a book library.

# htmx

A JavaScript library enhancing HTML to build interactive user interfaces.

# Frui

A Rust framework for building graphical user interfaces inspired by the Flutter architecture.

# From Data to Viz

A website with a classification of chart types based on the data format. It comes in the form of a decision tree leading to a set of potentially appropriate visualizations to represent the dataset.

# The evolution of trust

A game aimed at explaining trust-based networks using game theory.

# Open Library

A catalogue aiming to create one web page for every book ever published.

# Storing UTC is not a silver bullet

An article aiming to provide a counterpoint to the common advice of managing time as much as possible in UTC.

I'm certainly not saying storing UTC is always the wrong thing to do, but it's not always the right thing to do either.