Issue 2022-W45

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This week has been about a curated list of Rust libraries, REPL driven development, a Datalog database, a tool to transform HTML to SVG, an RSS reader and Neovim plugins in Lua.

# Cozo

A general-purpose, transactional, relational database that uses Datalog for query, is embeddable, focused on graph data and algorithms. It provides bindings for Python, NodeJS and Java besides native Rust embedding.

# Lettura

A desktop application to organise and read RSS sources.

Now that Twitter is struggling RSS might have a comeback. Maybe it's Mastodon's time (Debirdify). Or maybe Tribel, or Cohost, or… Bumpy times.

# Structuring Neovim Lua plugins

A tutorial on how Neovim plugins work and the different ways to organise them.

# The one about Lisp interactivity

An article on the REPL driven development style in the lisp family languages.

The author is clearly in favour of this type of development but links to a few other articles that can help balance their view.


A collection of Rust libraries and tools to fill in the missing bits from the standard library.

# Satori

A TypeScript library to convert HTML and CSS to SVG.