Issue 2022-W46

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This week has been about better git revisions, creating videos with React, a procedural modelling application, JSON-based SQLite diffs, an Obsidian plugin for managing projects and a tool to track ML experiments.

# Blackjack

A procedural modelling application with a node-driven interface where operations compose to create a 3D mesh in a non-destructive way. Influenced by tools like Houdini or Blender.

# Remotion

A framework for creating videos programmatically using React.

# sqlite-difftable

A tool for transforming a SQLite database from and into JSON.

It feels like a missed opportunity to align with standardisation efforts like frictionless.

# Bringing revsets to Git

An article introducing a query language for git revisions inspired by Mercurial's revsets aiming to be more expressive and consistent across commands.

# Who needs MLflow when you have SQLite?

An article introducing Ploomber, a tool based on SQLite to track and compare experiments.

# Obsidian Projects

A plugin for Obsidian to view groups of notes as a table, kanban board or calendar.