Issue 2022-W48

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This week has been about a Git-based bug tracker, graphs in Rust, a DSL for diagrams, SQLite CRDTs, a Git-compatible source control and a personal knowledge management in Deno.

# D2

A domain-specific language for describing diagrams partially overlapping in scope with Graphviz and Mermaid.

# git-bug

A bug tracker that embedded in git. Works as a plain git repository so it is distributed, offline-first and does not depend on vendors to operate.

# Sapling SCM

A cross-platform Git-compatible source control system aiming to provide user-friendly interfaces as well as extreme scalability to deal with repositories containing many millions of files and many millions of commits.

# cr-sqlite

A SQLite extension that adds CRDT and sync support to a pre-existing database such that multiple SQLite databases with the same schema can be reconciled.

# Silver Bullet

An extensible, open source, personal knowledge management application based on Markdown with life preview.

# Graph

A Rust library that provides a collection of high-performant graph algorithms designed to run efficiently on large-scale graphs with billions of nodes and edges.