Issue 2022-W49

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This week has been about SQLite extensions in Rust, a Datalog library, an in-process property graph database, code execution visualisation, a SQL tutorial and a talk on a DSL for diagramming.

# SQL Teaching

An interactive tutorial on the rudiments of SQL. A keeper for when someone asks you “I want to learn SQL, where do I start?”.

# Kùzu

An in-process property graph database management system (GDBMS) built for query speed and scalability. It is optimized for handling complex join-heavy analytical workloads on very large graph databases.

# Diagrammar: Simply Make Interactive Diagrams (video)

A talk on a DSL built for diagramming in a functional way.

# Learn Python, JavaScript, C, C++, and Java

A tool to learn Python, JavaScript, C, C++, and Java programming by visualizing code execution.

# sqlite-loadable-rs

A tool for writing SQLite extensions in Rust.

# Crepe

A library for writing Datalog-like declarative logic programs in Rust.