Issue 2022-W50

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This week has been about a block-based editor, a JavaScript library for data visualisation, an MVCC SQLite extension, a web-based ePub reader, a tutorial on CSS Flexbox and a map of submarine cables.

# Submarine Cable Map

A service mapping all submarine cables searchable by country, owner, etc.

# Unovis

A JavaScript library for data visualisation (e.g. creating charts, maps, network graphs) with support for React, Angular, Svelte, and plain TypeScript or JavaScript.

# mvSQLite

A distributed, MVCC SQLite that runs on top of FoundationDB as a low-level VFS layer.

# BlockNote

A "Notion-style" block-based extensible text editor built on top of Prosemirror and Tiptap.

# Flow

An ePub reader that is open source and web browser based.

# An Interactive Guide to Flexbox

A tutorial aiming to help create a mental model for the CSS Flexbox layout mode.